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An American Decade (2017)

'A fine novel about an emigre German singer at large in the America of the 1930s,
in which Richard Aronowitz displays his characteristic ability to mingle
the slow unravelling of ordinary lives with the ebb and flow of world events.
I greatly admired it.'

- DJ Taylor

An American Decade by Richard Aronowitz (published April 2017) - UK reviews, quotes & articles

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On BBC RADIO OXFORD (95.2FM) Richard talks about writing his historical fiction novel 'An American Decade' while balancing a career at Sothebys where he heads the restitution Department.

Richard Aronowitz at Jewish Book Week on March 5th, 2017 (Podcast)

Richard Aronowitz and John Steinberg: Fiction of Guilt and Identity
Richard Aronowitz
John Steinberg
Chair: Jenni Frazer
March 5th, 2017
Kings Place, St. Pancras

Richard's blog

Accent Press has signed my new novel »An American Decade«


Accent Press has signed »An American Decade«, my new novel. The publisher acquired world English rights to the title from Sharon Galant at Zeitgeist Literary Agency. »An American Decade« tells the "little known" story of pre-war German immigrants in New York.


Rebecca Lloyd, editorial manager at Accent Press, said: "Richard writes beautiful, crafted prose. This novel, though set in the 1930s, tells a story of immigration and identity, guilt and redemption, through the voice of one man grappling with a moral dilemma. It is both timeless and incredibly relevant to our current world."


Sharon Galant, co-founding director Zeitgeist Literary Agency, said: "Early into the read, I knew An American Decade had all the ingredients of a page-turner: an epic story spanning a decade and two continents, a family secret swept under the carpet that could destroy a man’s life and brilliant storytelling. The emotional and moral entanglements are cleverly balanced by strong themes. I also loved the atmosphere and sense of place that Richard has achieved. Reading An American Decade is like walking down Broadway in 1930s New York."


An American Decade will be published in April 2017.