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An American Decade (2017)

'A fine novel about an emigre German singer at large in the America of the 1930s,
in which Richard Aronowitz displays his characteristic ability to mingle
the slow unravelling of ordinary lives with the ebb and flow of world events.
I greatly admired it.'

- DJ Taylor

An American Decade by Richard Aronowitz (published April 2017) - UK reviews, quotes & articles

Unicorn Hunter Books youtube review on »An American Decade«

Nick Piercey BBC broadcast on »An American Decade«

On BBC RADIO OXFORD (95.2FM) Richard talks about writing his historical fiction novel 'An American Decade' while balancing a career at Sothebys where he heads the restitution Department.

Richard Aronowitz at Jewish Book Week on March 5th, 2017 (Podcast)

Richard Aronowitz and John Steinberg: Fiction of Guilt and Identity
Richard Aronowitz
John Steinberg
Chair: Jenni Frazer
March 5th, 2017
Kings Place, St. Pancras

Richard's blog

THE IRISH NEWS - interview with Richard Aronowitz


Nazi loot hunter and art provenance specialist Richard Aronowitz speaks to Nikki McKeown about his new novel »An American Decade« and how he used his profession to explore his own family history.


Read full interview on http://www.irishnews.com/arts/2017/06/08/news/books-nazi-loot-hunter-richard-aronowitz-on-the-darkness-of-past-and-present-1045842/



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Radio & Literary Festivals

» Belfast Literary Festival June 2017 - confirmed guest speaker



» Banned Art - 80th Anniversary of Degenerate Art - Sotheby’s Art Agency Partners magazine - April 25, 2017



» Richard Aronowitz on the darkness lurking in his past and its connection to his role as a Nazi loot-hunter at Sotheby's - on Foyles bookstore blog:




»An American Decade« - EDITORS' CHOICE of the historical novel society


Another rather short review on An American Decade by the historicalnovelsociety.org:

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Linda's Book Bag - review of An American Decade


Linda from Linda's Book Bag posted her review of An American Decade:

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